G35 sedan

This is how its done son.



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4 responses to “G35 sedan

  1. Jason santana

    Hi i own this same car, and i am wondering where i would be able to get the body kit you have on as well as the m3 lip. i would also like to know about the air holes at the sides. thank you so much and you have an amazingly looking car!

  2. I’ll look it up and let you know. I know thats NISMO lip in the back. And those side skirts are NISMO as well.
    Fenders are custom I’m sure.
    Here’s a full feature – http://www.canibeat.com/2010/04/alexs-twin-turbo-g35-sedan-by-marcus-cooke/

    Nice choise of platform dude. Send in some pictures if you want.

  3. wendell

    Can you fit a twin turbo in this car? What would I have to do?

  4. Buy a twin turbo kit. and build the engine if u wanna boost it more then 9 psi. G35 coupe/350Z kits fit in this car. Check out modified mag website. they had a feature of one about 2-3 months ago.

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