Top Gear USA

I like it.
So to all of you crybabies out there – shut up already! Seriously. The show has very same producers as the UK version. So please stop saying that it sucks. US needed a car enthusiast show on TV – and we got it. So support it. We need it to go on. It WILL get better.
I was watching first season of UK Top Gear – and it sucked a lot more. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Yes, it still feels kinda awkward and 3 of them need to spend a little more time together to have that fluidity(I don’t know if that’s a word) and more chemistry. It still kinda feels too fake and no personality – but then again they don’t have much in-front-of-camera experience. In my opinion it’s better to have guys that have genuine love for cars and mediocre in front of camera then something like the current CEO of LOTUS. He admitted himself – he’s not a car guy.I think that is blasphemy. But I’m getting carried away here.

My point is – this show has potential to be great. Support it.


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