Impressive, but…

This review of a 2012 Nissan GTR leaves me with a sense of disappointment. Yea, it’s quick, yea it performs well, yeaa its ‘Ring time is impressive.
But, there is this big but. Why does it have to weight 4000 lbs? It reminds me of WNBA athletes. They perform well, but would you date(own in Nissans case) one? No, thanks..

Here’s something to prove my point. Audi A6 test by Autoblog.
This 4-door, V6 TFSI, AWD, 4 door saloon car weights at 3500lbs.
I think its a fair comparison to the GTR – same equipment – AWD, V6 up front, hence 2 doors.
But, Audi is not a sports car – its a sporty sedan. GTR – well, some people even call it a supercar. Enen price wise – GTR costs almost double the price of a base A6. I just don’t get it.

And I’m purely talking about the weight of that damn thing.
Does the GTR have 500lbs more of computer gear? I doubt it.
Or did the engineers just cut some corners? Seems a lot like it.

You’re welcome to weight in on this in the comments below. Just thinking out loud.



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2 responses to “Impressive, but…

  1. Robert

    If money was no issue, I wouldn’t hesitate to drop the cash for one. It may not be as much of a driver’s car as most people would like because everything is so computerized. And a comparable Porsche costs double the price. However, I see it as an engineering masterpiece. Everything is so precise and technical down to the smallest detail. So much went into designing the car and making it the perfect driving machine. I agree with you that it may be heavier than it needs to be, but it obviously isn’t affecting the performance of the car since it’s capable of laying 0-60 stretches in just under 3 seconds, etc.

  2. Imagine what it could have been able to do at 3400lbs?
    But i definitely get what you’re saying for sure.

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