Walbro Upgrade

Learning wiring/electric side of the car bit by bit..
Also wired up Mishimoto dual fans with a switch. Nothing too hard, It’s just I’ve never done anything wiring related on a car. Turned out pretty great and neat. It works most importantly.



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3 responses to “Walbro Upgrade

  1. Mike

    Would love to have some help on wiring the Mishimoto dual fans. I am having trouble. I am not “wiring inclined” but am an average mechanic. The blue and black wires on the fans are not labeled. Which is (-) and which is (+)? Also, are the wiring connectors for single wire connections? It says run parallel.. I am assuming that means 2 connected to one?

  2. I forgot which one is +/- but the way I figure it out was I ran ground and + to the fans and made sure they blow inside the engine bay. You can feel them sucking air in outside. As well as blowing it towards the engine in the engine bay.
    And yes run them together. I put in a switch for it. I’ll post some pictures in my next post. So check back. And I’ll try and see which one is + for sure.

  3. Mike Young

    Thanks George! I really appreciate it.


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