RIP project Supra.

You will be missed.


I was side swiped by a Volvo while I was going on green. She was turning left but last minute changed her
Mind and went straight. I had no chance of avoiding her.
And her insurance company – AAA- is extremely hard to deal with. It’s obviously 100% her fault. But they’re still investigating it. It happened 6 weeks ago. How long can you possibly take?
I’m getting kinda frustrated.

I’m parting it out. Hit me up if you need anything.
I just started this partout. It was a running car til about 1pm today, wednesday the 18th. I got sideswiped on my way to work and its been deemed a total loss by my insurance.
It’s 1988 Turbo Supra MK3. 120k miles. I’m the 3rd owner of this car. New head gasket, water pump, thermostat, timing belt – ~12k on those parts.
Clean engine.
R154 transmission. – sold
3.90 LSD rear end.
HKS exhaust. – sold
Blue interior.
Exterior panel, windows.
It’s a TEMS + ABS model.
’92 tail lights.

Lex SC400/LS400 sensor as well.
CT26 turbo in great condition. No shaft play at all.
2 bosch BOVs.


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  1. Freddy

    Bummer; man..I say be on the lookout for another Supra as insurance companies always take their time with situations like yours. After all; with a modified car which is 20+ years old; its not really a priority of AAA..

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